Selling a sculpture is rewarding.  Today a local collector visited the studio. He had previously seen "Torso (Female)" a few weeks ago when he visited but came back to purchase it.  It's a bronze sculpture of the female figure I did a wile back. You can read more of my thoughts about this piece on the sculpture page. When someone enjoys your work enough to purchase it, there is satisfaction for the soul.  When one is touched by a piece of art you created to the degree that they want it to decorate their home, the sun shines a little brighter.  The reasons artist create is as diverse as the people.  However, I think for most of us, at least this sculptor, we create what inspires us, what we enjoy viewing.  Then sharing what we've made is key to inspire others, but selling what we've done allows us to continue doing it.  I'm grateful to have sold a piece today. Now, back at it. 

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