There are rewards from sculpting.  The expressions about, comments of and of course purchases of my pieces can be fulfilling in so many ways. When an eagle sculpture or a wildlife statue, or any other bronze art I've created touches another its a joy.   However, bearing your soul through sculpture has it's down side as well.  Recently a city on the east coast contacted me to submit some sketches for a sculpture commission they wanted for a new development.  I wasn't the only artist they contacted and I knew that going in.  I invested lots of time, creative energy and effort into the design of some very unique sculpture sketches.  Fast forward and I'm contacted that I didn't make the cut.  As a sculptor, rejection is a part of life.  People can't always afford what we do, some don't appreciate it, know what goes into the creation of a bronze sculpture and others just don't care.  A tougher skin is needed to swallow some of these realities of an artists life. Even so, any rejection hurts to a degree but you just deal with it, keep going and appreciate those times that success was had and the other good times.