This weekend during the Loveland Sculpture Invitational, a lady and her daughter were moved to tears when then saw my bronze heron sculpture titled "Grace" on display.  They explained that their husband and father had recently passed away and the mom had seen herons several times following his passing, so the bird has became somewhat of a symbol for them.  After walking the show and seeing thousands of sculptures and lots of heron sculptures, and after lots of hugs and more crying, they purchased it.  What a true honor.  It made my day, weekend and helped me feel confident in what I do.  Symbols are important to all of us in one way or another.  We use them more than we might think.  From stop signs, crosses, gestures and so on, symbols have meaning.  For these ladies this sculpture of a heron became such.  It had meaning to them and represented their husband and father.  As an artist I create symbols or at least stories.  They are captured in bronze.  These can become memorials, something that will pay tribute to someone who has died or did something note worthy.  This is not the first time a sculpture of mine (or my fathers) has been used to help others feel a connection to a loved on.  It's humbling and truly a responsibility to create bronze sculpture of any theme that has such power for others.  

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