In posts below you can see other images of how this piece (and others) has developed.  First is the idea, then the armature, then the basic shape and look, followed by the refinement, which is where I'm now at with this new eagle sculpture.  Then you mold and cast it (READ MORE ABOUT IT HER) To answer the question of "how long does it take you to sculpt a piece", well here is the answer to a degree.  Sometimes days, weeks or months.  This piece seems to be going fairly fast.  Mark continues to come in to the back studio where I sculpt, see it, make minor suggestions which I generally follow and then I keep proceeding.  I'm hoping to finish this piece and begin molding it next week.  It's smaller so the process should go fast.  I'm also blessed to have worked on eagles, hawks and their wings so I'm already somewhat familiar with the anatomy.  That helps A LOT.  There is still lots to do, so I'll get back at it.  In the back ground you can see the skillet with hot clay.  It's something that seriously hurts when you spill some on your leg or hands.  Some advice, don't do it.  

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