Summer is usually the busy season for artists.  Summer time equals art show time.  The weather is better, people travel and are outdoors.  Most who live in northern Colorado have heard of and probably have been to the "sculpture shows" in Loveland.  There are actually two significant but different sculpture shows across the street from each other which happen on the same weekend.  The Sculpture in the Park is in Benson Park, a significant art spot in town. I'd call this show a little more contemporary and each artists displays 7-8 sculptures.  The other show is pay-per-booth and doesn't have limits on how many sculptures each artist brings or how they display them.  This is the show my father (Mark Hopkins) and I exhibit in.  Both are amazing, have many talented sculptors of various mediums.  Bronze, wood, stone, and so forth can all be seen.  Because we have 3 booths at the show, it takes some preparation and it's the focus of my mind for the next couple weeks.  It's a great experience and in my humble opinion an under-appreciated American event.  If you live in the area, go, if you don't, try to go.  You'll not be disappointed. 

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