Due to the fact that I've been working on an eagle sculpture as of late (see other posts below), two recent experiences have been note worthy. First, on Sunday my son and I were driving when over a field near the road we saw a massive bird of prey.  We pulled over the watch as it swooped low, flew in circles and eventually landed in the field, probably hunting.  It was a young, juvenile bald eagle.  Both my son and I watched this big bird for several minutes as it did it's thing.  I've seen them in this area from time to time, usually full grown with white heads.  I've enjoyed these close (relative) experiences with them.  Then last night I dreamed that a young eagle was flying into me, attempting to get my attention.  I thought it was attacking me until it finally landed on top of me (I was then laying on the ground with my hands covering my head) and I realized it simply wanted my help.  That it was hurt.  What do these things mean?  Don't know, but either way I felt that both of these things were worth mentioning.  

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