It's no secret that in order to keep sculpting, you have to sell what you create.  This is true for any artist.  Granted I could create on my own time, but to do this professionally my bronze sculpture needs an outlet, a way to be purchased by public.  These "outlets" are often art galleries.  A new gallery in Park City, Utah now has some of my work and sent this attached picture (seen is "Full Force" that is on the Sculpture / Painting page).  Working with galleries is a balance.  Do they represent your work well, are they passionate, is it just an "employee" who sells the work and lacks enthusiasm for it?  These are all things that need considering.  Artists need galleries.  The relationships are symbiotic, we work with for one another's benefit.  It's a great day when you develop a relationship with a gallery, they enjoy your art and both of you do well.  

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