So there I was running on the trails in the nature preserve behind my home and saw a heron, actually several of them, fishing and chilling in the spring air (I also saw some crazy bit fish literally jumping out of the water constantly).  Seeing herons fly makes me want to sculpt one. Seeing them in pose makes me want to create another heron sculpture.  I want to sculpt an egret to match "Grace" small.  However according to the survey posted on the home page, it's not what the market wants.  Then the question remains, sculpt what I want or what other's want? The current elk sculpture I'm working on is a commission.  It's what someone else wants.  The survey is there out of curiosity more than anything, but it does give good insight into how to proceed.  "Something Whimsical" is in lead.  The debate over marketing vs. art will continue.  As my father says, "I don't sculpt aardvarks cause they wont' sell".  However, when inspired by something and a new bronze sculpture is created a market can present itself.  For now the elk sculpture takes my attention and what inspires my heart will follow...and hopefully be enjoyed by others. 

1/12/2016 12:33:29 am

I wouldn't understand the debate on marketing and art because the two studies contradict each other. Marketing's goal is concerned with selling a product while the goal of art is appreciation at the minimum and change at the maximum. Research in marketing and art crosses sections because the two comes in different ethos. In marketing, the motivation of the audience purchasing is necessary. In art, there is no target audience. In art, the knowledge and execution of it is all.


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