A friend of mine was visiting Las Vegas and sent me a text with a picture showing two living statues seen here.  That's a place you can find many performers and where I first saw them which inspired my current preoccupation with being one.  Once I saw the picture, I began to get a little haughty and thought how good my outfit and performance is comparatively.  Now I should dismiss these feelings and not get cocky.  However I can and will pat myself on the back for my quality of work.  I've been told a couple of world travelers that have seen many such performers that I was the "best" they have ever seen.  I will do my best not to let any of this go to my head.  Being my own worst critic, I need to give myself a few compliments.  There, that's over... so now how else can I improve my art, my living statue performing, and so on?  

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