One of the bronze foundries that we use is in another state.  I boxed up and am preparing to send them my clay eagle sculpture, now titled "Defending Liberty".  This is a scary time for me.  Why? Because the clay is soft, and packing it up and sending it via a shipping company makes an artist nervous because who knows where it will actually go and if it arrives, if it will arrive in good condition.  The next few days my blood pressure will be up, my finger nails will be shorter and I'll pace more than usual.  Once the foundry receives the piece, they will check it, consult with me and then proceed with molding.  The mold will be made of silicone rubber on the inside and plaster or plastic on the outside.  The rubber captures the detail and the plaster / plastic will hold the shape.  The foundry will use this mold to create a duplicate wax which will then be used in the "lost wax casting" process.  You can learn more about that here.   If all goes well, a finished bronze eagle sculpture will be in my hands soon and pictures posted in a few weeks. 

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