I'm familiar with sculpting bears.  I've done 2 grizzly bear busts, a full bodied bronze grizzly bear titled "Stand Off", a black bear sculpture, and a whimsical "Mama Bear" sculpture depicting a mother patiently sitting with her two cubs climbing all over.  You can see most of these in the Sculpture page of the site here.  I like sculpting bears.  They are round, fun, and people feel a connection with them.  It may stem from having teddy bears as children, their "cute" factor or other numerous reasons.  Well I've started another piece, more on the whimsical side.  It's also larger than other pieces, standing about 16" right now.  This story for it is one I've had for sometime.  It's two cubs pushing against a larger, chubbier adult. Can you see it?  The title will be "When Push Comes To Shove".  Originally I intended the idea to depict children.  

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