It's too easy as an artist / sculptor to get frustrated during the later stages of creation.  When you first come up with a concept and "play" with an idea, it's new and fun, exciting and you enjoy that messing around portion.  Then the work starts.  You can see the basic elk body emerging in the picture of the clay I previously posted.  However, in that sketch, the imagination makes up what might not actually be seen.  Then the detailing and need for reference material really starts.  You scan books, look at pictures, google it, change this, tweak that. It can become overwhelming especially if you're not in love with the piece yet.  This (soon to be) bronze elk sculpture will eventually be finished...it has to...the client liked what he saw and we made the agreement. Don't mistake my words, I enjoy what I do and eventually I'll "see" the piece with different eyes, get it where I want it and really fall in love with it. I'm just not there quite yet. (In this image, the body is clay, the antlers are wax) 

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