Many times in my life the military was an option, in my youth I considered the Marines, and even as recent as 2008 my wife reluctantly let me have Army recruiters into our home.  I now know that the warrior life is not the path my life was supposed to take.  So instead I'm a frustrated patriot with the knowledge that many are sacrificing and giving their lives in defense of our freedom. This thought constantly haunts me.  It compels a passion from the deepest part of my being to go and be with them, to help them, bleed with them, fight with them and if needed, die with them.  It's just part of who I am.  It's in me to defend brothers-in-arms, our country, our constitution and freedoms to any degree. Yet this isn't how I am supposed to serve and give.  The least I can do is offer my talents, a bronze sculpture, to help a good cause. The Navy SEAL Foundation is a wonderful cause and I'm currently working with them to donate my new eagle sculpture, "Defending Liberty", mounted on a marble base.  They will auction it during their upcoming fundraising event in September in Denver and hopefully it will raise some  funds to help the families of the men who gave everything in battle. To them, I give honor and will do my best to never take their sacrifice for granted.  

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