Recently, the quote about the "thin line between insanity and genius" has been 0n my mind, no pun intended.  There are story after story of artists, be it music, painters, sculptors, performers who are tormented by something within their brains or souls that haunt and drive them.  Truthfully I am no different.  There are very high, highs and very low lows.  There doesn't seem to be much middle ground.  The even balanced emotional status is an elusive creature for the creative mind, at least mine. Often it's the art that becomes the outlet, the way to cope.  Sculpting is my personal therapy, for others, it's their medium of choice.  Some may not "get" this idea.  The idea that art is the result of a broken person is foreign   Trust me when I say that the passionate animal contained in a creators mind is volatile beast.    I don't drink and have few "vices" in that regard, so my vice is to sculpt.  It's my escape, a way to empty my mind and keep grounded.  Creating is necessary, at least for me.    

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