Last year my wife and I were able to attend the Navy SEAL Foundation's fundraiser in Denver.  I donated a bronze eagle sculpture titled "Above the Clouds" that can be seen on the commissions page of my site.  Being there at that event was a supreme honor.  Both my wife and I refer to it as a "spiritual experience" that edified us.  We left  better people for being with such noble, good and amazing individuals.  This organization is one of the best, taking care of the families of those SEALs who paid the ultamite sacrifice.  I've been in contact with them about the donation of my newest eagle sculpture, "Defending Liberty" and so far is sounds like everything is ago for them to use it.  What an extreme honor to be of something so worthwhile.  It's a small thing I'm doing, but grateful to do it none-the-less.  Please research them and consider giving to them. 

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