As mentioned in past posts, I've been working on a joint project with a friend and fellow artist.  We found a theme and then an image we both were inspired by and began work on it.  She's obviously faster and doesn't have to go through the arduous lost wax casting process.  Her original painting as already sold, but she will produce limited edition prints that will coincide with my sculpture.  The edition numbers of my bronze ravens will be offered with the corresponding print edition of her painting.  This has been an organic process, something that just happened and we'll see where it leads.  
8/23/2017 06:53:51 am

looking to purchase life size raven

Peggy Alexander
10/16/2018 08:32:03 pm

I am looking for raven paintings and sculptures.

10/17/2018 02:08:03 pm

Hi, Peggy - please go to our website,, to contact us directly and let us know what would be of interest to you.

Laurie Hopkins


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