My posts as of late have been about my art. The weather (although the window shot in the background is deceiving) has been cold and snowing.  A lot more snow is expected tonight.  So, during this time indoors, instead of out and about, at shows, etc. I've been working.  The survey on the bottom of the home page has the question about what i should work on next. "Something whimsical" is one of the option and currently in first place.  This sketch shown is my first attempt until I move onto something else.  This rabbit sculpture is the result of my wife telling me I should "try a rabbit"... then she added "try something that you've never done before."  And so I did.  If the colors don't throw you off, you can see a bunny with his hind legs (at least one) up, while smelling flowers and a butterfly on his high leg.  Will this cute wildlife sculpture / scene make it into bronze?  I'm having fun with it and actually Mark came into the studio and was very helpful bringing this piece to the point it's at by offering his usual suggestions.  The results of my poll, my wife's input and my ADHD will determine what happens.  In the meantime watch for updates that aren't just about my art as the weather hopefully warms up soon.  

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