Often I'm asked "how long does it take to sculpt something?"  The answer is I don't know.  Sometimes it's quick and other's take years.  Here is an owl sketch I just did.  It's about an hours worth of work.  I'm not sure if I'll continue to work on it, but I wanted to see how it would look and so here it is.  From here I can determine if my time is worth it to finish this piece or "melt" it down and start on something else.  Owls are beautiful creatures, especially Great Horned Owls.  A pair of them live outside the studio.  During the short days in fall, around the end of October, I can hear the pair hooing to each other.  They are quiet, skilled predators and much bigger than I expected.  I've gotten close to a baby that I once ran into as it sat in a low branch outside the studio.  Even with my affection for them, I'm not sure if this sketch will become a completed bronze sculpture.  Just like artists use pencil and paper to play with ideas, I do the same but with clay.  

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