This commissioned bronze sculpture monument that sits outside the Alabama Sport Hall was completed by my father, Mark Hopkins,  around 1997.  I helped sculpt it, which consisted mostly of spearing and smoothing clay, but I also became a huge part of it.  I was used as the model for the kneeling football player between Bear Bryant and Shug Jordan, two of the states famous coaches.   Does he look like me? Yes. Is it a portrait? No. There are facial features, the build, and other elements that are distinctly "Eli" according to my dad.  Being immortalized in a bronze monument isn't something everyone can check off their bucket list.  It wasn't actually on mine, but it's checked now either way. 
8/10/2013 01:02:49 am

I can see it very much. But as you say, it isn't exactly you, but I can see you in it. Very neat thing to say about yourself.

Daniel Hart
11/10/2019 08:53:32 am

That looks like the Eli I remember. Love your art amigo.


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